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The Lustkillers came onto the bay area scene, made a big splash, then kinda disappeared. Now you guys are back. What happened?
LustKillers has always been a band of rogue minded mercenaries.
That's the magick of it. The SF CHAPTER was an excuse for good friends to snatch gigs on a last minutes notice. Unfortunately, we were too good at it and the demands impeded on our other projects.
In turn, I left American Heartbreak, our guitarist Billy Rowe returned to American Heartbreak and Swingin Utters took my drummer Greg McEntee back and recruited my bassist Chuck Worthy on guitar.
We all saw it comin. Perhaps that's why LK played as many shows as we could. We really didn't want it to end.
By Spring 2003, I ended up in the UK recording and then touring Europe with Brian James (Damned) and Dave Tregunna(Sham69)as The Lords of the New Church, meanwhile Swingin Utters were hittin the states.

Exactly who is in the current line up of the band?
When four brothers go off to war not all of them come back but once a LustKiller, always a LustKiller. It's really just a matter of who's heart's available. Chuck Worthy is still on bass, Mark Bradin(the Flipsides) is on kit, Joe Selby (Three Years Down) is back on guitar. Then there's me, your lustful narrator Adam Becvare.
I read the Lustkillers formed in Chicago as a response to the drab days of grunge. When the Lustkillers reformed in San Francisco what were you hoping for?
Comradary. I've always enjoyed playing with members from other bands. This was a good way to get the party started. I thrive on improv and LustKillers music allows that to happen. Honestly we just came out of the gates swingin, lookin to stir up some dark fun. It was so easy until it wasn't anymore.
Do you consider yourselves as a “revivalist” band? There are a lot of bands claiming to bring back rock n’ roll...
What's funny to me is some of these LK songs were penned 10 years ago.
Difference is, back then crowds had no clue what we were doing and now it fits right in with the "revivalists."
I guess my answer is I've always been playing rock n roll. I'm really jazzed to finally hear some good old bashing guitar tones out there again but there are still too many bands hiding behind Loud and Fast. Only Motorhead and Ramones did that right. As for "the revivalists"LustKillers was here before them and I fear we'll be here after them cuz I'll always write what i want to hear.

Tell us about the Lords of the New church reformation. How can there be a Lords without Stiv Bators?
There can't.
The Lords were hijacked and I was essentially brought in so Brian and Dave could play their old songs again and honour the memory of what so many fans miss(ed).
THE LORDS always meant a lot to me growing up but it wasn't just Stiv. Brian and Dave's playing influenced me a great deal. Dave's the tasty bass framework and Brian's the frantic guitar slasher. Stiv was Stiv. THE LORDS were his vision and we just got to rock the songs. amen.
Recently, Brian asked me to front THE BRIAN JAMES GANG in which we will play DAMNED, SHAM69, LORDS and some solo material.

How will the new LustKillers material differ from “Black Sugar Sessions”?
Because the next CD will be longer, we can give ya more variety.
Beauty is, it all still sound like The LustKillers.
The bands I loved all had that same quality. Clash, Pretenders, Deadboys, etc etc. no matter what style the song, you knew it was them.
I think the next LK cd (tentatively entitled "From Russia with Lust") will just be more of what LUSTKILLERS already are because i can finally sing it now. If i have my way I'll be adding more instruments in a few tight places.
I constantly hear old things that inspire me and i try to make myself remember bits but by the time things roll outta my head they're all twisted up into my own bits. Expect some 50's, 70's punk rock and Motown flavourings. ....hey, someone's gotta bring back the handclaps.
We started the "Russia" cd June 1.

How did past studio experience help on your current recordings?
I honestly dread recording. There are just too damn many variables and options to consider. I know what I'm capable of but it's the unseen factors that i fear. THE LORDS was a 95% unknown situation and Brian was so free and unrestricted that it scared the hell outta me. Bri believes the first answer is best and the magick exists in the unknown or mistakes. That's what years of noisey jazz, heavy dub reggae and smoke will do to ya I guess. It really taught me to sidestep the thinking and trust my instincts which I inevitably do anyways. On the other hand, I really love producing. As long as the tracks are clean with good energy, I'm psyched to mix.
I know the mix is finished when my hairs stand on end or i want to drive fast.

What is it about that dark NYC rock vibe that the Lustkillers aim for?
Good question. Honesty or Integrity maybe. I basically write what i want to hear or feel. Just so happens a lot of that is the old NYC stuff I was raised on and wish was still comin out.
That vibe just comes naturally to me because It's so comfortable to me.
I love that preachy talky storyline. It enables me to relive my own songs everytime i sing em. I think the only time I may consciously aim for "that dark NYC rock vibe" is in production. I need to paint a picture. I dont care for the new, thick, dry, compressed sound. There's just no mood, sex or dynamics to it.

What’s important to the Lustkillers when you guys hit the stage?
That it ain't on our face..
Gum, white lights and reverb on the mikes.
The rest is all telepathy and improv.
We like to keep it dark, moody and cheeky.

Did playing for the Lords of the New Church have any affect on the

Absolutely. Singing for two cagey punk veterans like Brian and Dave really encouraged me to be more of who I am. I gained so much vocal confidence singing 36 shows in 6 weeks with them. I feel things singing now that i never felt before. Straight from the soul, I can finally empty myself onstage.
What Bay Area bands do you enjoy watching when you’re not onstage?
I really love watching Stiletta but not for just the obvious reasons. I live somewhat vicariously thru their potential. It's just so fresh to me.
Literally "out of the mouth of babes." I adore them girls and I hope they continue to learn everyday. I'm also excited to see The Deadutantes bloom but the rockabilly scene doesn't allow much for growth.
A lot of the bands I wouldn't miss have all split now...Petrol, Flipsides, Richmond Sluts. Them bands always put a smile on my face.

What’s something that you’d like people to know about the Lustkillers?
We're strong enough for a man but made for a woman.
We love gum, guinness, and black Label scotch.
After a year of bootlegs, our "Black Sugar Sessions" CD is finally legitimately available.

On an unrelated topic, does the band in general prefer leather or lace?
Lovers forever... face to face?
My city or mountains?
Stay with me stay
I need you to love me
I need you today
Give to me your leather...
Take from me... my lace

Anything else you wanna throw out there?
We return to the Slim's Stage in SF Thurs. July 29 7:30
July 30 TBD
and playing Northbeach July 31.
If you Ever need a band that rocks like us just remember,

-Colin Kutch