The following list contains links and info to those who started the LUSTKILLERS fire and those who continue to carry the torch of prescribed Rock n Roll.
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STIV BATORS - (Steve Bators) Singer for the notoriously punk, DEAD BOYS. DEAD BOYS did two releases for Sire, then Stiv went solo and surf for the Bomp Records label. In 1980 Stiv joined members of SHAM 69 to release "Only Lovers Left Alive" as THE WANDERERS. Then joining up with THE DAMNED guitarist, Brian James and THE BARRACUDAS drummer, Nick Turner, Stiv and Dave Tregunna formed THE LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH. Commonly referred to as punk's super group, "the damned dead sham band" mixed surf, punk, doom and croon into 3 releases for the IRS label. Try here for full LORDS STORY at
Official Lords site is
Killer Lords Archive here Live For Today
Fantastic Lords Photos

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JOHNNY THUNDERS - (Johnny Genzale) Guitarist for the NEW YORK DOLLS. The DOLLS were thought of as a poor man's ROLLING STONES in drag. Thunders played Keith to singer, Dave Johansen's Mick. Their trashy NY sound definitely launched "punk" as did their former manager Malcom McLaren. McLaren worked the bugs out while managing the NY DOLLS before getting it right with the SEX PISTOLS. Johnny Thunders took Doll's drummer, Jerry Nolan with him to form THE HEARTBREAKERS, who taught all the punks how to play. More on Thunders @

HANOI ROCKS - Inspired by the NEW YORK DOLLS glam, they added elements of THE CLASH, GEN X and Saloon to their music. Their albums have all been re-released on CD by GUNS N ROSES, Uzi Suicide label. (GNR worshipped Hanoi). Notable spin-off's of the band include FALLEN ANGELS, SUICIDE TWINS and CHERRY BOMBZ. Read more @: and Backto Mystery City

GENERATION X - Fronted by BILLY IDOL, GEN-X delivered their brand of punk as youthful rebellion, wrapped in romance. Bassist Tony James, made sure to capitalize on the band's reputation as having "Sold-Out" to the record company. James was later responsible for the full blown, corporate whore band, SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK. Gen-X made 3 albums for Chrysalis. "Perfect Hits" a best of compilation, is available on CD.
More Billy @:
More Tony @:

JIM CARROLL - This extraordinary poet and writer is known for his junky, adolescent memoirs, "The Basketball Diaries". Please do not see the movie! He formed THE JIM CARROLL BAND and released 3 albums for Atlantic. The honesty and integrity of his words can be witnessed on "the Best of" CD available on Rhino. Learn it, read it, love it @:

GODFATHERS - I'm still not sure how to describe them but let me assure you they were all Rock n Roll. Tough Guys in suits, they were fantastic. Find out more @:

PLASMATICS - Fronted by porn-punk, Wendy Orlean Williams and the tutu-wearing, paleface mohican gtrst, Richie Stotts. Letís just not pretend this band didnít happen! The first half of their five releases are a staple to THE LUSTKILLER diet. Until her recent successful suicide, Wendy was fearless and donít you forget it!! Plenty to see, read, and buy @:

ROMANTICS - Unfortunately they are more known for their Radio Hits but don't be fooled and don't overlook this band, If you really care for pure energized rock n roll, Romantics know how to serve it up 100% Motorcity Garage style.

SMACK - Outta Finland, they came off the heels of HANOI ROCKS and lent their entire image to G 'n R. Take one look and you'll agree. SMACK was a very dark place, as smack usually is. See for yourself @:


AMERICAN HEARTBREAK - From SF, a West Coast offering to the '87 HARD FM sound. See them live, bring your earplugs... they do. More about the breakout @:

BLACK HALOS - MonochromeGlam with Snotty Punk Anthems straight outta Vancouver, B.C. THE HALOS are the last true disciples carrying the torch. They did 2 releases on SubPop and spill their blackened hearts out every show. With Adam now in their ranks they have released a new cd Alive Without Control for Century Media.
Now Reborn @:

THE BRIEFS - Seattle's Skinny Tie and Sunglasses Punk Wave. Great Tunes, Great Site, Great Band. Thank god they get it right! and you should get it before they go big on Interscope. Get you some @

COYOTE SHIVERS - In Coyote, I hear all my favourites; IGGY, STIV, CARROLL, HELL, and even a little WENDY O. Make no mistake, Mr. Shivers is definitely his own man and a legend in his own time. Join the army@:

DEADUTANTES - 4 piece rock a billy sweethearts guarenteed to steal your heart. Torchy Crooning Rock follows. Follow them at

DEVIL DOGS - In 1990 Grunge ruled the earth by the throat. DEVIL DOGS were the only source of inspiration for true Rock n Roll in those times. Straight Up NYC -Low Fi- Punk Rock n Roll. There would be no Garage resurgance without them. Baby they're The KING.

THE FIGGS - The integrity of COSTELLO, the energy of THE JAM, the smarts of JOE JACKSON, picking it up where REPLACEMENTS left off. I bask in their greatness. Find out how here @:

THE FLIPSIDES - these SF Favourites released their first full length for the PINK n BLACK label. I've been waiting forever. Their MUFFS/GREEN DAY approach spells great songs without the clique which so often accompanies. Tiger Woods, Y'all!

HAGFISH (Formerly HAGFISH?) from Dallas. They got 3 releases: first is unavailable, their second unintentional and the third is self-titled and worth the wait.
Full 411 on the reformation @:

THE HANGMEN - La Rock off the heels of the late 80's GnR frenzy. Difference is HANGMEN are still livin' it. Just a great band of life's guilty pleasures.Nice to know they are out there doin it right. find out where @

- from NYC. ADAM did time in their ranks. Take THE MISFITS croon and THE SMOKING POPES heart and shake, vigorously. More to read @:

THE HIVES - Late 60's garage hype without the mess. These Swedes are dialed in, no sloppy feedback to hide their lack of talent, every song from their latest release is a classic Where are they now?

THE KOWALSKIS - from NYC. Lindsey, a.k.a Kitty, knows where it's at. "All
Hopped Up on Goofballs" was produced by DICTATORS' Andy Shernoff and it features eX-members of ADRENALINE O.D. Think Debbie Harry hijacks THE MUFFS and takes the REZILLOS for a ride. Get the low down @

L.E.S. STICHES - from NYC. "A more punk D-Generation Jr." some use to say.
Best frontman in NY, I say. They got releases, ask for them by name. Disbanded 2001
More to learn @:

LUST KILLERS - Preaching the PostPunk/BlankGeneration Rock n Roll Gospel According to : Carroll, Cramps, Damned, DeadBoys, Heartbreakers, Iggy, Lords, Plasmatics, and Pretenders. The old link was @:

MR. RATBOY - What can I say about the man-rat that he won't tell you himself at the site? Only that he lives on a street called Rock and Roll and that he's played with just about everyone! Whore you say? Nah, Rat's just a slave to the rock. If anyone can remember a time when IGGY still rocked, you'll dig this SOUR JAZZ.
Read about the rat @:

RICHMOND SLUTS - These kids is right up the 60's garage/NY DOLLS alley. One release for DISASTER RECORDS. Here and Gone. R.I.P.@:

ROMEOS DEAD - San Francisco Glam-Punks. The voice and choruses are hook-laden rock reaching for the punk. Now reunited. try

SLENDER - This uncornerable SF band execute songwriting techniques similar to
that of an unsaddened SMOKING POPES or SMITHEREENS.
Checkout their Croon @:

SPARKLING BOMBS - French Glam in the "Height of Fashion." Let the Lady's leads serenade you while the boys rock you with their patent leather love.
Bring your nail polish to worship @:

STILETTA - My new favourite action figures. Collect All Four! these gals is the real.
deal straight outta the SF cave but is Rock n Roll ready yet?? crush on @

SUBSTITUTES - Riff Ready/Blues Trash, Rock 'n Roll. These guys can play and look cool while doing so. Quite a feat in today's wasteland. Perhaps it why they got 70's written all over them. Take a Chance! @:

SWINGIN UTTERS - SF Kings of the old school punk. Anyone remember STIFF LITTLE FINGERS and UK SUBS?? UTTERS DO and they still at it. See if you can spot any LUSTKILLERS@:

- The EAST BAY bastard sons of SUPERSUCKERS raised by the AC/DC wet nurse. Grab a teet@:

TSAR- from L.A. This band is poppy, catchy and brilliant in so many ways you'd figure them for Brits. It's big shiney rock with hints of Nick Gilder/Cheap Trick Pop. It's also a lot of bubble gum for just one mouth. Chew for yourself@:



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