Black Sugar Sessions Review

by Laurent

The Lustkillers
'Black Sugar Sessions'
posted 2008-11-14

From dusk till Lust… Adam Becvare (LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH reunion / BLACK HALOS…)’s own band unreleased demos. You can now listen to them thanks to Swedish label Nicotine records.

The soul of the DEAD BOYS and the ghost of Stiv Bators can be found in most of these songs (“Culture Clash”, “Bad Kids”, etc.) but these vampire rock’n’rollers never forget to put their own blood and soul in these tracks as well. “Do I Love You” is a slow and powerful song in which Adam’s vocals sound rasped, emotional and yet strong, one of my favourite tracks, but in Adam’s own words I’m a “sucker for slow songs”. His vocals also remind me a bit of Duff McKagan’s on his solo albums at times.
As a big fan of the LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH and a member of the band while they reunited a few years ago, it’s only natural to find traces of the dark rockers in these recordings (“Lust Killer”…), a song like “Swamp Love” makes you realize how important Adam’s contribution was to the LORDS’ album “Hang On” (2003.)

One of the best surprises to me on these recordings is “What I Want” in which you can find a big GODFATHERS influence, one of the most underrated band in the rock world.
You know you need this kind of rock’n’roll, and if you pretend you don’t, then beware, the LUSTKILLERS are coming to the old continent in a town near you in 2009…/Laurent.