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February 7, 2003 Online Chat Interview with
For those who don't know, Adam has just returned from the UK where he has been recording with Brian and Dave as the newest Lord of their New Church.

sciortea: Adam, you've just returned from the UK you've been working with legends, speak to me, what was it like...
LustKiller: It was like "can i get 3 pints..?"

sciortea: absolutely. guinness?
LustKiller: of course. It's all we drank.

sciortea: personally, i'd like to hear about what went down in the UK
LustKiller: the objective was to record guitar and vox for 10 new LORDS songs with founders Brian James(damned) and Dave Treganna(sham)

sciortea: did this happen?
LustKiller: in less than 10 days yes, barely

sciortea: are the new tracks in the same vein as what we all know and love of the lords or is there a departure?
LustKiller: Brian's been very keen on evolving the LORDS.
LustKiller: Each release of the LORDS was very different from eachother
LustKiller: I honestly think, if they had continued to release albums throughout the 90's, at this point, this new album would still contain some version of these songs

sciortea: Very cool, so, old school lords fans should understand the progression. 10 tracks in 10 days, that seems pretty difficult.
you were out there working with some heavy hitters, how was that?

LustKiller: Dave was extremely enthusiastic
LustKiller: and playing and singer better than ever
LustKiller: Brian is a powerful free force
LustKiller: maybe conduit is a better term
LustKiller: he believes in the magic of mistakes and first takes
LustKiller: that's both liberating and frightening for any player that isn't the conduit that brian is
LustKiller: but he seems to bring that quality out in others once they tap into his stream

sciortea: were you at all intimidated going into this?
LustKiller: yes but not for lack of confidence
LustKiller: I know I play true and like to think that comes across obvious

sciortea: right, if im not mistaken, these were idols of your youth-or are those words too strong?
LustKiller: yeah not idols
LustKiller: but the LORDS made a large impression on my approach to rock n roll
LustKiller: I never wanted to be "a Lord" I wanted to be my own Lord and that's always been the Lord's underlying message

sciortea: exactly
LustKiller: it's very empowering
LustKiller: that message is still as strong as ever with the band
LustKiller: Evident in the new Dave song "Savior Self"

sciortea: great title
LustKiller: convenient
LustKiller: conveniently so

sciortea: i guess, you wouldnt want to consider them idols, especially when the lords slogan is "destroy your idols, save yourself," right?
LustKiller: what do you really want to know shannon?

sciortea: let me turn that on you adam. what do you really want me to know?
LustKiller: There is so much to elaborate on from this experience, Icould go sideways for hours with insights and stories

sciortea: i want to know what it was like working with these people who are absolute pros, legends, veterans.
i want to know how 10 tracks coome out of 10 days, i cant believe it was just 10 days, seemed you were gone forever...
sciortea: if you could take only 1 thing from the whole experience, what would it be?

LustKiller: I think everyone should know that Brian and Dave are Lifers. They have to play music to be themselves.
LustKiller: Stiv was the same way but is no longer around to contribute with them..
LustKiller: I will do my best to honour the memory and legacy of what the LORDS and Stiv brought to the table.
LustKiller: but I won't try to be Stiv for anyone.

sciortea: as you shouldnt.can we discuss the fact there are now two vocalists, and what their functions are?
LustKiller: we could but that has yet to fully reveal itself. time will tell
LustKiller: all the hard work has been commited to recordings, I greatly anticipate the freedoms of touring Europe in Spring

sciortea: will there be any US leg?
LustKiller: what do u really want to ask?????

sciortea: ok, so what do i really want to ask?
sciortea: i want to know about what this was for you...i know that you've been a lords lifer...
for me, it would be like the clash asking me to sit in for joe (strummer), how were you able to do this?
i guess for me, i cant even begin to imagine...
sciortea: did you drink lots of guinness?

LustKiller: sorry just reminiscing over last nite
LustKiller: last night's guinness
LustKiller: or is the plural Guinei?
LustKiller: guinnei?

sciortea: i think it isnt
sciortea: but should be?

LustKiller: Yes, the Lords are most definately Guinness enthusiasts
LustKiller: so actually , the whole experience occured very naturally for me

sciortea: 10 tracks in 10 days. i know bands that cant lay down 3 tracks in 3 months.
LustKiller: is that a slag on my LUST KILLERS? hahaha

sciortea: oh sorry, nope, other bands in mind...
LustKiller: When i arrived at the Brighton studio the first thing we did was play thru the old material
LustKiller: First song was Method, which is the hardest for me to sing
LustKiller: (method to my madness)

sciortea: really?
sciortea: i can pull that one off in my sleep ;-)

LustKiller: That song takes a lot of wind and attitude

sciortea: so, you have problems with the wind, cuz we know attitude is your forte.
LustKiller: remember I'm playing AND singing, unlike Stiv
LustKiller: and when he did have a guitar around him they wouldn't let him plug it in
LustKiller: At any rate, just playing thru the old songs with them was very natural for me

sciortea: they will soon learn that you shouldnt be allowed to plug in either
sciortea: did stiv suffer from the same voltage voodoo as you?
LustKiller: ;-)
LustKiller: I'm hoping to play less guitar with the LORDS but Brian is really behind it
LustKiller: Even insisted I take a solo in one new tune "Where Are You Now"

sciortea: go with it...you prefer not to?
LustKiller: I love to play but some parts just become work while singing
LustKiller: and i really want to mean what I'm singing

sciortea: fair enough...live will you be covering the old material and some new or can you discuss that yet?
LustKiller: Sure.
LustKiller: the 3 LORDS albums are being re-released on CD by months end thru TRACK Records.
LustKiller: they will include bonus tracks, liner notes and even lyrics
LustKiller: Brian would like to work the set 50/50 old and new but I think a lot of fans will want to hear their favourites before accepting the new ones

sciortea: i would agree.
sciortea: now...forgive me, the rereleases, those are original recordings with stiv and the bonuses are with you and steven? or completely new recordings without stiv???

LustKiller: the re-releases will include bonus tracks from singles and Bside stuff from the Stiv era

sciortea: ok, good to be clear...
LustKiller: clear to be good
LustKiller: good to be bad
sciortea: yes indeed...
LustKiller: "good to be bad" is a Lords track from the "Texas chainsaw 2 " soundtrack that will be included

sciortea: so, back to new material, its evolved, but recognizable?
LustKiller: strange question because it is so "Brianesque" I think.
LustKiller: and because the LORDS albums were so different from eachother

sciortea: well, not evolved to the point of random rapping or bad techno remixes?
LustKiller: nothing like that.

sciortea: didnt expect it, but need to be sure
LustKiller: but do remember the LORDS love Heavey Dub Reggae

sciortea: so, maybe you should work the next album clash style in jamaica...
sciortea: did the lords ever work out there?

LustKiller: The Lords never got to a lot of places as much as they should have
LustKiller: australia, and only japan once

sciortea: so, lets make this clear, your intention is not to be stiv, any on stage near death experiences will be completely coincidental...and i do predict a few situations will arise.
sciortea: what is your favorite lords line?

LustKiller: "i got religion, the self worshipping kind"

sciortea: excellent.
sciortea: can we shift gears and talk about your other band...

LustKiller: absolutely

sciortea: cool.
sciortea: what's the current situation with Lust Killers?
sciortea: you all have hands in other areas so to speak, this must make it difficult...

LustKiller: Swingin Utters now owns 2 Lust Killers, Greg and Chuck

sciortea: right, you have your hands full...clint is with slender...
LustKiller: Slender is heating up again and the Utters new release will be out soon with an extensive US Tour to follow.

sciortea: So, I guess that means LK will be on back burner and fans will have to sit tight and suffer?
sciortea: You have some newer material that if I am not mistaken is quite good.

LustKiller: thank you. it is new
LustKiller: hahaha
sciortea: whats funny?
LustKiller: both new and good
sciortea: that's it, i'm outta here.