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Excerpts... Why do you love rock and roll so much?

I was a sickly kid. I wasn't athletic and I realized early that I learned best 3 dimensionally as opposed to books. Perhaps it's an instant gratification thing and that's what Rock 'n Roll gives me. I was an outcast and when I had the music I had a place to go. Rock has always been there for me.

MAS: Given the way the term "rock and roll" is twisted, contorted and abused - now and forever, amen - could you please define it for me?

In theory, Rock n Roll is built on the ability to express rebellion and convey such energies. I don't personally categorize today's music as Rock n Roll. A great portion of what they call "rock n roll" today is mimic with no true message or storyline. Musically speaking though, real rock n roll to me is still based around an agitated blues and sex. So many "rock" bands right now are sexless. These bands have to add sexual images to everything they do because their music contains none. True rock and roll contains sexuality from the music and it's artist. If you're truly cool, you need not walk around telling everyone how cool you are.

MAS: Where do you guys fit into the modern commercial rock climate? Did you ever intend to "fit in?"

We have a great desire to re-educate the commercial climate to what rock n roll truly is. Unfortunately, artists with such intentions aren't appreciated in their own time. We aren't doing anything that hasn't ever been done, just everything everyone has forgotten.

MAS: What is the main difference between European audiences and American audiences?

The main difference is that not every rock fan in Europe has a band, so they are not interested in comparing you to their personal endeavors. They are interested in enjoying the rock and not just creating it. They're definitely not afraid to be fans.

MAS: Do you want to stay Indy, or are you looking for a major label deal? Does it matter?

For me, I hope to show bands, friends and rock fans that it's ok to enjoy rock 'n roll without analyzing the magic out of it. It's neither a test nor a contest. It's about filling that void.I hope to keep my postpunk approach. By "punk" I mean that fresh, youthful, romance with rebellion found in heroes like GENERATION X.
Funny because that's the last thing I think of when I hear our music but to me it's a strong root.
There has been talk of garagey bands going with majors. Dreamworx, Interscope, Warner, etc. are all looking. I don't think any of them have enough guts to take us on until something like us breaks wide to open the door. However, we would love to be that band and welcome that chance. At this point I think it does matter if we are to continue spreading the rock to as many fans as possible. So stay tuned and bring it on!