San Francisco Bay Guardian Pick of the Week
Friday September 26, 2008

by Duncan Scott Davidson

The Lustkillers

Everyone's got one: a favorite fuck disc. For a long time I went back and forth between Bomb's Hate Fed Love (Warner Bros./WEA, 1992) and Girls Against Boys' Venus No. 1 Luxure Baby (Touch and Go, 1994). Not sure what that says about my psychosexual state of mind — I was insane, depressed, and wanted to be alone with one of my closest friends in a silk button-up shirt and no pants, I guess. The ultimate hump disc for the new millennium has to be the dirty, somewhat creepy, leather-clad sex slither of the Lustkillers, The Black Sugar Sessions (Addthemoney Records). Recorded in the early aughts and newly re-released, singer Adam Becvare channels Lords-era Stiv Bators on tracks like "Do You Love Me" and "Swamp Love." "That night the lights went black, and God locked all the doors," he sings on the latter. We can only hope for the same at these shows. Come down and find yourself something to rub up against in the sweaty darkness.