LostInTheSupermarket.com Interview...

1 who are the lust killers?
and are you really?
- Sometimes we are Adam, Chuck, Greg and Clint but yes usually we are Lust Killers.

2 give me some background on lust killers...
where are you all coming from experience wise?
- the Near Life Experience. Lust Killers is a band of Rogue Mercenaries. It began in Chicago '92 and 10 years later we have the SF CHAPTER RSV comprised of members from Swingin Utters, Slender and etc etc.

3 how did lust killers come about?
- Appalled by late 80's HARD ROCK I'd given up on gtr. I was spending my life in Chicago's Industrial Underground. By '92, Grunge was god and I believed there was more to life than wearing dirty t-shirts and pulling bongs. The world needed a fresh pop in the arm. We cut our hair off to symbolize a rebirth of ROCK n ROLL -50's style. We jacked up to recreate rock n roll. This current SF line-up evolved from friendships and again stagnation. It's a Revised Standard Version of the LUST KILLER Gospel.

4 describe the lust killers song writing process.
- The first process, I consider Exorcism.
I am tortured by a piece at alpha (as I'm attempting sleep) or when i first wake. It doesn't end until i record/ or write it down. If the words have to come later, then its a fondling thing and they usually always spill at once.
The other way it happens is when frustration bottles up and blows but again it all cums at once. The latter often occurs when I'm completely desperate to hear new music.
Afterward, I bring the song to the band to grope awhile and jerk as we must.

5 describe a day in the studio with lust killers...
- I am most happy when playing. It's Maslow's Level of Self Fulfillment for me. If anything gets in the way of that I rain brimstone... It ain't pretty. Also, I can play forever. If you sat in on a rehearsal, you'd get quite the show.

6 what inspires lust killers?
- Isn't it the lust of it all?
I hope to re-introduce the world to ROCK n ROLL and honour those who taught me to lust for it.
For me it's the energy of the music, and painting a story via lyric. Music's always given me a place to be myself.

7 if lust killers were an animal which animal would it be and why, how about fruit, product?
- I'd like to think Lemur... They got it all figured out, man.
as for a Fruit...Paul Lynde, Center Square please.
vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom....something with milk to sharpen ya up.

8 who in the band primps the most?
- That depends on when. We've had some real KnockDowns pre show.

9 is lust killers a band with a cause, message or mission?
- We're on a mission from gawd....
...who else will save ROCK N ROLL???

10 when did you all realize that what you wanted to do was rock?
- I was nine. I was raised with it always around. I guess once I got past motorcycles. Music has always gave me that place to go.

11 if lust killers could play their dream show, who else would share the bill?
- GenX, Clash and Johnny Cash.

12 top 5 bands lust killers can agree on-good bad or otherwise?
- See above and add the vanilla scented Sade..
and we all despise Eric Crapton.

13 what is in the future for lust killers-any side projects to look out for?
- We will release a full length just as soon as we stop re-finishing the songs. Chip of ONE MAN ARMY just cut us for an eventual single. Chuck is in SWINGIN UTTERS with Greg. Clint is in SLENDER and 401k. I've been approached to work with the reformed LORDS of the NEW CHURCH. I'm also considering something with THE FLIPSIDES and hopefully some of THE FIGGS.

14 rumor has it Chuck's leaving the band to become a fireman and that he might be replaced by robbie crane any truth to this?
- Hogan Jr. ?? Listen, I don't care if Robbie is the son of BOB CRANE..altho I hear he's got a bitchin' porn stash thanks to daddy.

15 who in lust killers would most likely be quoted as saying "if they really think I'm the devil, then let's send em to hell?"
- Chuck. He's the illegitimate son of Johnny Cash.

16 how about "i love everyone and you're next?"
- That would be me......fecesiously

17 what about "if you ever need a boyfriend who looks like me, Remember i look like me?"
- Greg. Definitely Greg.

18 has it all been done?
- It has now that the LUST KILLERS have arrived.

19 final words:
- 19 of them? Actually we're not doing anything that hasn't already been done, just everything everyone has forgotten. Viva Le Rock! Amen.

with special thanks to interviewer Shannon Ciortea / LostintheSupermarket.com