Interview for JOHNDOEZINE

1) What is the name of your band?

2) How did it get that name?

3) How would you describe your music?
we Preach the BlankGeneration/PostPunk Rock n Roll Gospel.
it's a moody rock n roll approach to punk with that old NYC flavor

4) Who is in the band and what do they play?
We continue to experiment with other players on Horns and Guitars, but the core remainsAdam Becvare - Ld Vox and Guitar
Chuck Worthy - Bass and Vox
Greg McEntee - Drums and Vox

5) What is the scene like in your community?
SF is filled with Novelty acts that don't care to take anything seriously and have a good time. So many rehearsals studios and clubs have closed in the last 2 years that there are very few quality acts willing to put it on the line so now the crowds don't trust paying clubs to see another bad band.

6) Who are the bands influences?
They range from DeadBoys to Go-Gos, Clash to Cash, GenX - Smokey Robinson.

7) Do you have any good groupie stories?
got into a Honey Scrimmage with a willing, underage cutie backstage. When security rushed in to chill us out I had her ejected from club being a minor. It was pouring rain
she got to ride the bus home soaked and coated. She loved every second of it.

8) What about Bad groupie stories?
One had lured me out to her funvan after our set. I had been awake for days, but once we were in her van and she reclined the captains chair on me, all i could smell was this dentist office odor

9) Drug Problems?

Once upon a time. Now it's only vicodan as needed

10) How many pills do you take with your alcohol?
there's no conscience effort involved

11) What is your favorite drink?
Black Label Scotch or Guinness

12) Do you skateboard?
when i was 12 , after my 'rents sold my dirtbike out from under me

13) What do you think of skating these days?
.It's gonna beyond the physical and into pain

14) How many tours have you been on?
2 lengthy Eurotours

15) How many times has your vehicle broke down on tour?
Not yet

16) Have you played with anyone good?
On tour or personally?
I'm currently playing with Brian James (Damned) and Dave Treganna (Sham 69)

17) Will you ever sell out? What does it mean to sell out anyway?
To me selling out is playing shit you don't believe in so others will like you or you can make the "big" money. I already tried that playing in other peoples bands. I was hoping ot make enough to ditch em and then do it right for real....didn't happen

18) How old are you?
with my guitar I'm 25 forever

19) Any advice on how to pick up chicks?
like a six pack, or by the ears

20) Do you like Eminem?
.He'sa genius strategist and word schemer but his stories and subjects have become repetitous and boring now. Hopefully he'll just turn actor....he's quite convincing

21) Do you have any questions you’d like to ask yourself?
if I were wynona ryder I could ask myself to lunch

22) Are there any up and coming bands you’d like to
Flipsides, Coyote Shivers, Briefs, Hangmen, Tsar, Lords

23) Have you ever been to Cheyenne, WY?
not yet . I think i will need a reason>?

24) Have you ever heard of a band called Napier?

25) How many people usually attend your shows?
I lose count after 1

26) What did you think of the web site?
a bit slow to load. Im on 56k. maybe its the country being on orange alert

27) What song would you like to have played at your funeral?
Told ya I was sick

28) Have you ever been in any fights?
I never back down to get my ass kicked , unfortunately

29) Have you shows ever caused a riot?
anytime we've hung the chicken wire

30) Have any kids been killed at your shows? What is the closest that has come to happening?
asthma atack from the fog machines

31) Will you send me a CD?
can i see your teeth?

32) Were you in any other bands before this? What was the name of the band?
Chuck and Greg are with SWINGIN UTTERS

33) Are you famous?
I prefer infamous

34) Did you ever open for G.G. Allin?
My Brother almost kicked his ass for crowding us 2nd row at Iggy/Ramones gig in Chicago '88

35) Is this interview a waste of your time?
Yeah but I'm paid for it

36) Would your band be interested in playing in Cheyenne, WY?
do you have guns?

37) Would you link this site to yours?

38) Have you ever ridden a bull?
Just the Diamond Geezer (RedBull and Stoli)

39) Have you ever heard of John Doe Zine?
yeah it appears in the email addy above

40) What do you think of the United States position on Iraq, Korea,

Tired of cleaning up Clinton's mess. I'm old enough to realize, they all gonna do what they want. So, I live and let die and take while it's there.

41) Would you die for George W.?
the name of my game is survival not death

42) What has been your most exciting show?
with Lust Killers, I would have to say the SLIMS Benefit for our fallen comrade, Adrian Cote. R.I.P. The turn out of support was empowering.

43) Famous Last Words?
if you live like an asshole, you die like a jerk