Lust Killers Feature Interview...

Who are the members of the band and how did the project come together?
The Lust Killers are
Adam Becvare- Vox and Gtr
Chuck Worthy- Bass and Vox
Greg "Utter" McEntee- Drums and Vox

While playing with American Heartbreak, our tech Chuck was always finding some way to get me into trouble on and off-stage. In turn, our comradery grew so we decided to apply those energies in a more positive fashion. To find other LUST KILLERS, we spent more time hanging with players then we did playing with them. It was really important to us that we find someone like we are. Dashing, Daring… Fearless. (wink wink)
Greg was someone I had approached for LUST KILLERS three years ago but due to SWINGIN' UTTERS he hadn't been available until now. We're using guitarists and horn players show to show, so right now THE LUST KILLERS are Adam, Chuck, Greg and ideally Clint Grubb from SLENDER.

Where is the band from?
I started LUST KILLERS in Chicago 1992 as the antithesis to grunge. We did well but the world wasn't ripe yet, so I sold the song rights to a prominent stage producer for a nice advance. I didn't regain ownership of the songs until 2000. In August 2001, this SF CHAPTER was born. It's a REVISED STANDARD VERSION if you will.

Do you have any CD's available for purchase and where?
33 songs are in the can and recorded. I've grown a lot since then and hope to reflect that by re-recording them with the attitude Chuck and Greg bring. We've also grown fond of having horns now so we may be looking to start over with a new label. It really just depends on the offers and those making them.

Who produced your latest release?
I produced the original recordings. I would mix until either my hairs stood endwise or I felt an urge to drive fast and then I'd stop.
It was all very low-pro but I did capture the energy.

What are your goals for the rest of the year?
2002 will see the LUST KILLERS pursuing relationships with others like us. Our motivation and intent are true. We play for the lust of it. Perhaps we'll secure the 2nd guitar position, so I can do more of what I do on stage. As a 3 piece, L.K. feels like THE JAM.
A tour up and down the West Coast isn't out of reach and of course I'd love to return to Europe. It would be great to have fresh tracks of everything before any of that happens.

Who is the band's biggest influence?
I like the scurvy rock n' roll storytellers. Richard Hell, Iggy Pop, Jim Carroll, Stiv Bators even Wendy O Williams. I'm not much of a "singer" so I could relate to them and that to me is so much more empowering then wanting to be them.
THE LORDS of the NEW CHURCH were real important to me because they had so many faces. They could be dark and moody, hard and soft, all the while giving it to ya with a smirk. All the great bands like THE DAMNED and THE CLASH had that. It's called dynamics and it's missing from too much of today's "Rock."

What is the most memorable show you've ever played?
I got nude and crawled into the kick drum once but it wasn't so memorable for me.

Who are your favorite local bands?
I'm not afraid to be a fan. In S.F. I'll always catch THE FLIPSIDES, THE RICHMOND SLUTS, and SLENDER. In L.A. it's COYOTE SHIVERS.

Who do you have playing in your car stereo now?
I got a 10 disc changer so here it goes,

DAMNED "Live at BBC" ……invigorating!

THE HIVES "Veni Vidi Vicious" …..every song is a gem.

GENERATION X "Perfect Hits"……youthfully charged.

JIM CARROLL BAND "World Without Gravity" ….ontology at large. The Humble Narrator, Jim milks existence for every drop.

DAVID BOWIE "Hunky Dory"…..it will make ya weep. Just ask Chuck.

SISTERS OF MERCY "Some Girls Wander By Mistake"….
How is this Goth? Uptight, edgy, bass lines over raw nerve.

THE HANGMEN "Metallic I.O.U."…Bryan's a survivor. I love that.

THE FIGGS "Banda Macho"….I bask in their songwriting.

PUBLIC ENEMY "It Takes a Nation of Millions…"….wanna visit a nightmare captured on disc?


What is the hardest challenge of being in a band?
Usually, it's fragile egos or mutual respect among members but THE LUST KILLERS feel like we're the last gang in town. We're inspired and focused. I think our challenge will be any form of patience. I know everyone seems to have a band now but this band can really do a lot in the right hands.

Do you have a favorite band story or unforgettable event that has happened to you during your music career?
Cheap Trick's BUN E. CARLOS joined LUST KILLERS on stage for my Birthday.
I think we did "Stop This Game", "Just Got Back", "Come On, Come On" and "Clock Strikes Ten." The guys were all really stoked but I kept turning to BUN and telling him he was playing everything too damn slow. He liked that.

Additional comments…?…
Everyone hears something different in LUST KILLERS. It's familiar yet fresh. It's only rock n' roll and that's really what the punks were trying to recreate in '77.
Everyone's too fragile and suspicious now. We're not afraid to be serious while letting go. It's about being your real self, honouring your heroes and spreading that gospel. We need more bands out there carrying the torch and bringing back the sex of rock. Let LUST KILLERS re-introduce you to Rock n' Roll!

-Adam Wm. Becvare