"the Live105 rock workshop"

i was back in high school, it was the first time i heard the JMC in 85, it was discovering the joke was on everyone else.
and there needs to be more,

rock and roll is a thrill ride.
is everyone else playing it safe?
i think i just woke up and want to go back to sleep.
stay in school kids.

...i went to an "industry" gig last night, more like
exploit up and coming bands night, meet and greet-give me your demo so blink
can steal some ideas night...followed by 2 bands i know and love...when the
please dont throw away my demo fest was over they ushered everyone out and left
rather than stick around for the entertainment...the first advice id give
any up and comers, support your fellow musicians-unless they sleep with your
girlfriend mother or dog-support each other because its you against the doesnt matter if you "like" their music, appreciate what they
do...the crowd was under 30 people and i have to say anyone not there missed
out. the bands placed their hearts boldy on their sleaves and ripped open
their abdomens to spill their was full throttle this is what weve got for you
rock and roll...and it revved me up like 100 shots of pure cuban espresso, i
couldnt sleep the whole night, i felt the same as the night i received my
first kiss-only this didnt leave me wanting more, it left me NEEDING
i the only one?the scene here is a severed artery and music is the blood
spouting out killing the body of musicians, like people jumping off a
sinking ship...or running from godzilla...oh no live music run for your

what do people want?

i ask you , what do people want?

is it all because too many musicians have broken too many hearts so girls
shy from shows to avoid dating boys in bands???